Unique Photographs of Soho and Central London

Leicester Square

Leicester Square was given to the people of London by a benefactor and entrusted to the care of the Metropolitan Board of Works. It subsequently passed to the GLC and now is controlled by Westminster Council who choose to close it off at night, including warm summer evenings, and prevent access to the square by the people of London.

Presumably under the guise of public order, Leicester Square is closed (depending on the time of year) for more hours than it is open! Wouldn't you like to see it entrusted to someone who cared enough to keep it open 24 hours?

Why is such an important and significant London square, in an area where people are active throughout the 24 hour day and night, closed so early, or at all, on any evening?

Leicester Square Photographs

The Capital Radio London Building in Leicester Square at Night

The Odeon Cinema in Leicester Square at Night

Leicester Square Photographs